Friday, November 16, 2007

Tan's Camellia Garden Lanscape

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cameron Highlands Resourses

Cameron Highlands is a very popular international travel destination. The cold weather, well kept natural environment and a slow pace life style have attract tourist from all over the world expecially people who are in the hustle and bustle of
city life as well as people who would like to close to the mother nature.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chanel and Camellia

Many people have devoted their love for camellias.

As early as 1987,Famous fashion brand Chanel uses Camellia as symbol for a wide variety of fashion & accessory such as lipstick,watches,nailpolish,clothing,jewellery etc.Camellia is being symbolic,irrevocably and eternally linked to the House of Chanel.An extract from 25 April 1998 edition of the Financial Times that refers to “Camellias, an icon at House of Chanel, have inspired a new fragrance.”

Camellia is said to represent radiance and purity and become one of chanel's classic trademarks. According to Elle magazine 1998, "the white camellia was probably dearrer to Coco Chanel's heart and is more symbolic of the designer's discreet elegance.

Coco Chanel become infamous for trying to immortalize the flower by wearing a fabric camellia brooch on many occasion.

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother from England grew Camellia in all of her gardens.As her body was taken from Royal Lodge, Windsor to lie in state at Westminster Hall of the Palace of Westminster, a Camellia from her gardens was placed on top of the flag-draped coffin.

Camellia Accessories

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tan's Camellia Garden

Tan's Camellia Garden in Cameron Highlands

A visit to the Tan's Camellia Garden in Tanah Rata,Cameron Highlands would be most interesting and fascinating. It is probably the only Garden of it's kind in the Asean region.The Garden is own by Mr Tan Chin Pa BSc who successfully incoporating Camellias as the major flower.

The garden is located at Tanah Rata , Cameron Highlands just before entering the town. It is a 5 minutes walk from Tanah Rata Town. It's also at the Jungle Trails #10 #11 and #12 to Gunung Jasar , immediately behind OLY Apartments.Tan's Camellia Garden is a well lanscaped garden.It's architecturally designed to suit the growing of Camellias which need partial shade, high humidity and well drained environment .

As the Garden take 10 challenging years to establish, planning and design.As a conservative effort, many wild native tress are left alone in the Garden, while slopes are planted with fruits,like persimmon, citrus and strawberrry guava to attract birds and wild lifes. Wild orchids, pitcher plants and endemic flower species are also preserved.

A"Tudor" style mansion. is purpposely designed and build to compliment the Garden landscape.It houses the main showroom for all information pictures and books pertaining to Camellias.The entrance front sees numerous camellias in pots ans Bonsais in display , are in full blooms.Some 1000 camellias plants, mostly hybrids are planted among trees and shrubs all over the garden landscape.While many imported hybrids are still growing and in trials, the more traditional Chinese and Japanese varieties are very much at home and bloom beutifully almost the year round. Is is considered a miracle as Camellias usually flower in the winter to spiring season.

For all nature lovers and gardens enthusiasts, this us simply the best place to visit and relax.Admisssion is free.